Women should take these 6 medical tests


Women often ignore their physical problems, even though it later becomes serious. But every woman should take care of her health. In fact, women’s bodies change more as they age. And over time there seems to be a weakness. At the same time, women’s performance (women’s health problem) begins to deteriorate as they age. Yes, and in such a situation, women should have some health checks over time. In fact, aging increases the risk of deteriorating health, and today we are going to tell you what tests women should get.

Pap smear test The pap smear test is a screening test that is often used to detect cervical cancer. This is a test done primarily for the presence of cancer or precancerous cells in the cervix.

pelvic test – The pelvic test performs a physical examination of women’s vagina, cervix, bladder, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and rectum. Yes, and the outside of the vagina is examined first, and later the rest of the organs are examined. G. Actually, it is done to check the symptoms of diseases in a woman’s organs.

mammography A mammogram is an X-ray taken to examine a woman’s breast. Yes, and this research shows that about breast cancer. In addition, this examination enables early detection of breast cancer. Women should have this test if they have problems with their breasts.

thyroid function test– A thyroid function test should normally be performed and this test shows whether the thyroid gland in the body is functioning properly or not. There are many processes in the body, such as energy production and metabolism. Proper functioning of these glands is important.

lipid panel test Lipid profiles are used specifically to detect heart disease risk. Yes, and this test specifically involves a combination of blood tests that help measure the levels of 4 types of lipids in our blood.

blood pressure test – To check this, a blood pressure measurement is carried out. If in such a situation there is weakness, dizziness or nervousness in any way, then these tests should be done, and high or low blood pressure can affect the person’s body.

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