Will Salley return to Clayton’s season of The Bachelor?


The bachelor The season 26 premiere episode had a lot of drama before the sedans even arrived! Clayton Echard was confronted by candidate Salley Carson, who was introduced with the job title “Previously Engaged,” so it was immediately clear that this would be an important point of action. As it turned out, the season’s shooting weekend was supposed to be their wedding. And because of this, she was ready to leave before the start of the season.

“This weekend has been extremely tough for me,” Carson, who is actually a spinal surgery robot, told Echard. “I was engaged in the past and was supposed to get married yesterday. Part of me is being moved home, but I didn’t really want to make that decision until I met you. And you look really good. I just have great things about you.” Heard. I feel weird being here on my wedding weekend. ” Carson then burst into tears and was about to leave, but somehow within those short minutes Echard was convinced that there was “definitely chemistry” between them, so he gave her a rose.

The navigation and robotics consultant went on to do that Bachelor lead: “I want to accept this rose. My heart is just not in the right place. And I feel so bad about it. My heart just isn’t ready.” Then why did she sign up? OK, I stop being snappy. But manufacturers of The bachelor Love drama, and I’ll call it now: Carson is going to come back mid-season asking to be a candidate, Echard is going to let her, and it’s going to cause a big argument with the women. Nick Viall did it, Luke Parker did it, Bennett Jordan did it, Ali Fedotowsky did it, and the list goes on. I just refuse to believe Echard had a rose ready unless Carson was supposed to knock on his door. Reality Steve, who is usually right about spoilers about the show, also claims it has arrived three or four days before the limousine arrives instead of hours before. Hm!


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