Visitor insurance covers emergencies up to a maximum of SR 100,000


Saudi Gazette report

Riyadh — The Health Insurance Council has confirmed that the visitor’s insurance policy will cover emergencies up to a maximum of SR 100,000.

The Council has also advised that the visitor’s insurance policy covers pregnancy and emergency childbirth expenses up to a maximum of SR5,000 during the period of cover.

It is noteworthy that those who come to Saudi Arabia for the purpose of visiting can obtain insurance to issue a visit visa by visiting the Enjaz platform on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

The council said that if the visitor applies for an extension after the visit visa has expired, they are required to issue new insurance covering the extension period and linked to the passports.

In the event that visitors were issued new health insurance after the visit visa was extended while in Saudi Arabia and the data was not displayed after their request via the link:,

The council noted that visitors can file a complaint if they fail to link a visitor through the link:

The Tawakkalna app stated that the health status of the beneficiaries in the app will be “insured visitor” if they come to the Kingdom on a visit visa, provided they have active and valid medical insurance.

The app noted that the health status of an “uninsured visitor” means the beneficiary is a visitor from outside the UK and does not hold effective insurance, adding that the “uninsured visitor” will be treated as a non-immune visitor.


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