Vicky Phelan returns from the United States after being diagnosed with tumors


Vicky Phelan returns from the US after scan shows diagnosis of tumors: The Limerick native was diagnosed with end-stage cancer due to a smear mistake in 2011 and has been in Maryland earlier this year, participating in an immunotherapy drug trial. She posted on Instagram when she revealed the news that she has returned to Ireland. Vicky Phelan Follow updates on

It happened last week and she is undergoing chemotherapy because of the discovery of tumors in her bowel and neck, she said, unfortunately after a PT exam ordered by the Georgetown University Hospital radiation oncologist has some new tumors.

She further stated that she has two new tumors, one in the neck and the other in the intestines, which is worrying disease in her body so that they can zap.

She is the mother of two and with a heavy heart she decided to return to Ireland. She said the good news is that she will still receive treatment and that she will be alive at least until Christmas.

She ended the post by saying she would take a break from social media for the next few weeks and thanked everyone for their support and kindness to Phelan’s doctor in 2016, but was not informed of this for another 15 months.

In the days following their settlement, it emerged that more than 200 women had been diagnosed with cancer and had missed previous medical intervention. It seems like the story will evolve over the coming weeks and months. We will provide all updates to the story as soon as anything has to do with the story, that’s all there is to this story from that point on.

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