Upload Season 2 Episode 3 Summary – “Robin Hood”


This recap of Amazon’s upload Season 2 Episode 3, “Robin Hood” contains spoilers.

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upload Season 2 Episode 3 Summary

As they leave the Poconos on their undercover operation for the LUDDS, Ivan (The big Bang Theory Josh Banday) and Nora (Andy Allo) reconsider their plan to hire Nora as a game designer. But Ivan just wants to “chillax” and put the car seats into sleep mode. Nora, who doesn’t want a bird’s-eye view of Ivan’s body parts south of the border, says no.

Nathan (Robbie Amell) has a problem. His mother is broke and cannot pay the rent. He’s still playing with his memories and has no idea where the money was spent when he sold his company (or if he ever got it). Unfortunately, making money in Lake View is illegal.

Then they get an idea. Yang (Riverdale’s Phoebe Miu) now watches the rich eating in the dining room through a small window. It was made to lure the residents of 2gig so that their families would upgrade them. Nathan steals two gigs from Mr. Choak after waiting for the penguin he ordered. When did they start handing out gigs to different 2Gig residents? Does a man wonder who Robin Hood could be? In the season premiere we saw cyber cop Detective Sato (The man in High Castle Hiro Kanagawa).

Meanwhile, the robots have all the fun. The robot toilet that Ingrid (Allegra Edwards) has tells the woman who hired her to pretend she’s in a sex suit not to wear it because of a yeast infection. When Nora and Ivan reach town, they enter his apartment and find that Roomba is wearing pink panties. Ivan upgraded it to six different sexbot upgrades including French Maid.

When Nora gets back to work, Aleesha (Zainab Johnson) alerts her to some strange things going on in Lake View. Ingrid, now controlled by an employee, wants to help Nathan and Luke (Kevin Bigley) steal gigs from the rich and give to the poor. She distracts the old boys by walking around them in skimpy workout clothes. Nathan does the same with the women, showing off the guns, and Bigley’s Luke hilariously increases the lady’s desire and Nathan’s self-esteem.

What is the next step? Nathan and Luke play their versions of Johnny Hooker and Henry Gondorff and ask Ingrid for help. What exactly? Steal money from Casino Lake View while playing Texas Hold’em. Nathan puts the pocketknife in her gloves so he can switch cards. He also hacks Luke’s eyes so he can see his hand. They use Ingrid’s money to shop in, hoping to earn enough to level up all 2Gigs.

The end

You win hand after hand by changing one or two of the cards. When they get to the final hand, Lucy (Andrea Rosen) and Craig discover that the pocket knife is being used in the casino. Nathan gets rid of it by putting it in another resident’s pocket. However, that means they cannot use it during the last hand. He’s playing Mr. Choak, he’s got a whole house, and you need seven hearts to make a royal flush. This happens while Nora looks on, who hacks in and sees that the turn card is a Jack of Spades. It turns into the winning card, taking home the money and defying the 3% odds of winning.

The show ends with Nathan telling Ingrid how much he loves her after his day. This saddens Ingrid because she’s back in a suit and her real self isn’t good enough for Nathan.

Oh, and Detective Sato finds a tape of Nora running into the building and running away from the man who died in the elevator.


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