TikTok video showing how dirty hairbrushes are goes viral


How dirty is YOUR hairbrush? The grim TikTok video of a woman washing her brush goes viral – and leaves followers in horror at the murky water in the sink

  • British creator @everything_tidy’s video has over 3 million views
  • In it she soaks her hairbrushes in a sink with warm water and shampoo
  • After an hour of soaking, the water is a dirty brown color
  • The audience response was mixed, with many promising to wash their own brushes now

A video showing how dirty your hairbrush could be went viral on TikTok and has received more than 3 million views.

The clip created by @everything_tidy shows how much dirt was washed off her brushes after she let them soak.

According to TikTokker, she was inspired to wash her brushes after another creator (later referred to as @unitfour) made a video explaining that dirty hair can be caused by using a dirty hairbrush.

To test the theory, she filled a bowl with hot water and shampoo and let the brushes soak for a while – and was disgusted by what she found on her return.

One TikTok inventor wanted to see if her harmless-looking hairbrushes could contain serious dirt – so she put them in a bowl of hot water and shampoo for an hour

She narrates the clip and says, “I saw a video last week and it was a lady and she said,” Maybe the main reason your hair gets greasy or greasy quickly is actually not your hair follicles. and it is indeed up to your brush “.

“So I’m going to put this to the test. I put all of my brushes in the sink and we’re going to leave them for a while.

“I used hot water and shampoo because she didn’t state what she was using.”

When she returns to the pool, she says, “So I left her for an hour and come back to check the water.

After a good bath, the TikTokker was disgusted when she saw the water had turned brown - which she thought

After a good bath, the TikTokker was disgusted to see that the water had turned brown – which she called “gross”.

“Oh my god, that’s disgusting. Ladies, don’t forget to wash your hairbrushes. I didn’t even know it was one thing, but look at the booth. ‘

The video received mixed reactions, with some users pledging to wash their own devices right away. One wrote: “Now go and wash hairbrushes.”

Another seemed disappointed that he had to add another task to his list and said, “Do we have to wash everything?”

Comments on the video have been mixed, with some promising to wash their brushes right away and others shocked that not everyone is already washing them

Comments on the video have been mixed, with some promising to wash their brushes right away and others shocked that not everyone is already washing them

Some announced they don’t even use hairbrushes, and one commenter said, “I’m glad I don’t use a brush and only use my hands.”

However, some users have been shocked that not everyone already knows how to wash their brush.

“The fact that some of you do not know how to wash your hairbrushes regularly is appalling,” one wrote. ‘Wash your hair = wash your brush at the same time.’

Expert reveals the shocking things that can happen if you don’t wash your hairbrush every week

“The debris on your hairbrush can act as a nidus for bacteria and yeast, so there is a risk of infection,” said dermatologist and RealSelf employee Sejal Shah, MD, told Good Housekeeping.

And as she reveals, if you invest the time and money developing a hair care routine, it could all be undone at once from the moment you pick up that dirty brush.

She says the residue on your comb goes right back onto your hair, making it oilier even just moments after you wash it.

Good Housekeeping recommends removing the dead tufts of hair every week and then grooming each of your brushes depending on the type.

For plastic brushes and combs, they recommend using a bowl of warm water with a gentle or clarifying shampoo before rinsing them off and allowing them to air dry.

While wooden brushes may seem easy to clean, harsh chemicals can damage the surface of the wood.

A “quick rinse” with a light soap is recommended to keep your brush fresh and clean, or if you are unsure, see the manufacturer’s care instructions.

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