There is no perfect vagina; Don’t force it to smell nice – health practitioner warns ladies


A health influencer at Madina Polyclinic has warned women against using deodorant on their vaginas.

Blaise Ackom said that practicing can cause health complications.

He attributed this practice to the current trend of women enhancing their bodies, including their private parts, to please men.

In conversation with Roselyn Felli Prime morning On Tuesday, Mr Ackom pointed out that no vagina is perfect, so women shouldn’t try to make them smell nice.

“…Now we even have vaginal sprays and deodorants around town and the ladies feel like the sprays you use on our bodies can be used down there. People find certain things around them very uncomfortable after or during their menstrual period.”

“So some people just put the deodorant on, others just open their legs and spray there. That’s why I say that the vagina shouldn’t smell like vanilla, strawberry and such. They want a perfect vagina, and there is no such thing as a perfect vagina,” he explained.

It is believed that most women enhance their beauty and other parts of their body to please men.

On the show, the health practitioner urged women to be content with their natural selves and to do nothing to please anyone.

Speaking about the consequences of vaginal enhancement, Mr. Ackom explained that complications could arise during child birth.

“We have vulvar cancer that you may be predisposed to. The place can even ignite. Sometimes you can even have what we call “dyspareunia,” pain during sex. Usually you have persistent pain during sexual activities, and with these people you can have sex for about 3 hours and they won’t have any kind of orgasm,” he said.

As part of the effects, he stated that using creams containing chemicals would cause a scar to form on the clitoris.

Mr Ackom has also urged mothers to stop bleaching their children as it could harm their health.

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