The White House supports candidate Saule Omarova, who was imprisoned in 1995 for “tail theft”


A 1995 police report reveals new facts about President Biden’s candidate for currency arrest for “retail theft.”

The police record documenting the arrest of Saule Omarova, Biden’s choice to head the auditor’s office, has been preserved.

In 1995, Omarova, then 28, was arrested for “retail theft” at a TJ Maxx store in Madison, Wisconsin. She stole $ 214 worth of goods before she was arrested, according to a police report by a TJ Maxx security agent.

The security officer in charge of TJ Maxx instructed the police that he noticed Omarova was taking the items by putting them in a large purse and protecting them with various items of clothing to hide the stolen items.

The report says that when she was arrested she stole 4 pairs of trainers, two bottles of cologne, two belts and socks from the store.

President Joe Biden stops in the Roosevelt Room of the White House on the 13th. President Biden mentioned that his administration does not believe that the Russian authorities are behind the attack on the pipeline and that the fuel shortage should end this weekend or the following week.

“The White House strongly supports this historic nomination,” the spokesman told Fox News on Tuesday.

A Wisconsin Department of Justice background test, pre-received by Fox News, shows that in January 1996 Omarova had a prosecution suspended for costs dropped by the Wisconsin first offender program. A Senate official familiar with the matter confirmed to Fox News that Omarowa’s expenses had been disclosed to the Senate Banking Committee. Your committee hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

The Republicans on the Senate Banking Committee are again vigorously pushing against Biden’s latest controversial candidate, highlighting Omarowa’s historic past on socialism. A spokesman for Senate Banking Committee chairman Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, instructed Fox News that Omarova had been “the subject of a relentless smear campaign” about costs.

“Since this historic and eminently qualified candidate was proposed by President Biden, she has been the subject of a relentless smear campaign,” the spokesman said. “The incident occurred several decades ago and the case against Ms. Omarova has been closed.” Biden announced in September that he would nominate Omarova to run the Treasury Department, which oversees all nationwide banks and savings businesses across the country.

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  • The White House supports candidate Saule Omarova, who was imprisoned in 1995 for “tail theft”
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