“Sex is like playing the lottery!”: Woman discovers that she has two vaginas


“Sex is like playing the lottery!”: Woman discovers that she has two vaginas

For years the young Reiley Davis suffered from excruciating pain.

Colorado Springs, Colorado – Reiley Davis suffered from excruciating pain for years and no one could help her. Today she finally knows the incredible truth.

For years, no one knew what was going on with the health problems of young Reiley Davis. © Collage: Screenshot / Instagram / hell0_princess

The 21-year-old from Colarado Springs has lived with “excruciating” pain, especially during her period, which often came every two weeks from the age of 12 onwards.

It was “probably the worst pain of my life,” she told The Sun about her menstruation.

“I took muscle relaxants and ibuprofen every day and couldn’t go to school because I was literally scared of the pain.”

Davis drove to the hospital regularly, but the doctors were at a loss.

“It felt like my stomach area was on fire. It just felt hot,” she said.

It was not until she was 16 that Davis discovered her condition through a smear test: She had two vaginas, two cervices and two uteruses!

The unusual condition called Didelphys uterus affects about one in 2,000 to 3,000 women.

While Davis was immensely relieved to finally know what was wrong with her, her double sex organs give her anything but double pleasure.

She said half the time she has intercourse, her orgasms are extremely painful. Your two uterus are most likely contracting at the same time, for an ultra-intense feel.

“With the orgasms, I’m still dealing with them, so there’s a 50/50 chance they’ll hurt or not, so I just have to deal with it,” Davis said.

“It’s like the lottery,” she added.

Today Davis is doing fine with her health.

Today Davis is doing fine with her health. © Collage: Screenshot / Instagram / hell0_princess

Davis suffered even more devastation as she learned to live with her unique condition.

“I have a 40% chance of ever having children, so that was heartbreaking for me,” she explained.

Women who live with Didelphys uterus are more prone to miscarriage, premature delivery, or having their fetuses unable to fully form in a half-sized uterus.

But like many women her age, she has used her TikTok account as a place to share her story and educate others.

When she hears about others with the same medical condition, she doesn’t feel so alone.

“I wanted people to know that this is actually one thing and that there are different forms of it,” she said. “It’s good to educate people like, ‘Hey, this is it, I’ve been through this and this is my own experience.'”

She continues to share her ongoing struggles with different areas of her Bless you, in the hope that it will have a positive effect on others.

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