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The truth has caught up with Ryan Giggs and it’s his time to “pay the price,” a court has heard — when a prosecutor’s interrogation of the footballer was likened to “blood sports.”

The jury is expected to retire to consider their verdicts in the trial of the former Manchester United star on Tuesday morning after prosecutors and the defense made their closing speeches.

gigs is accused of controlling and forcing his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville to assault her and her sister Emma.

He denies the allegations against him.

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Speaking to the jury on Monday, prosecutor Peter Wright QC said the case involved “one man’s abuse of power over another man” and was “a story as old as the hills”.

He told the jury that when Giggs was “upset,” he “could and would resort to aggression.”

“His ultimate trump card was physical control,” said Mr. Wright.

The prosecutor claimed that Giggs would “beat” and “physically abuse” Ms. Greville and that when he was “upset” he would send “hateful outbursts of bile” at “the very same woman he had moments before confessed to loving and to.” care for”.

“The reality is the truth has caught up with him and now it’s time … it’s his time to pay the price,” Mr. Wright said.

Kate Greville

Giggs ex accused of telling ‘so many lies’

In the defense’s closing statement, Chris Daw QC, Giggs’ attorney, said prosecutors questioning the former footballer during the trial was almost “a form of blood sport”.

He described Mr Wright as “one of the leading prosecutors of the last 40 years” and suggested Giggs was “like a rabbit in the headlights” who was embarrassed to admit he didn’t understand some of the questions.

Mr Daw said it was “no more of an equal game than putting Mr Wright in goal against Mr Giggs at his footballing peak”.

The defense attorney said his client is not on trial because he is an “adulterer,” a “liar,” a “cheater,” or a “not a good heartthrob,” citing a text by Aretha Franklin.

He accused Kate Greville of telling “so many lies,” including that she “actually had cancer.”

The court has previously heard that Ms Greville lied to Giggs that a swab test showed “cancer cells” and that she actually went to an appointment to have her IUD removed.

“It’s quite a manipulative lie to tell,” added Mr. Daw.

Former Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs arrives at Manchester Crown Court in Manchester, Britain August 22, 2022 REUTERS/Molly Darlington
Ryan Giggs arrives at Manchester Crown Court on Monday

“Put aside all feelings of sympathy”

The defense attorney asked the jury to consider whether Ms Greville is someone “capable of manipulation” and someone “capable of twisting reality to their own ends”.

Earlier, Judge Hillary Manley began her summary of the case, saying that both Giggs and Ms Greville were “desperate” at points in their evidence during the trial.

She told the jury: “Put aside all feelings of sympathy for one person or the other, or both.

“You’re not trying for sympathy.”

The jury asked that CCTV footage of Giggs’ property be reviewed on the night of the alleged assault, with footage of 999 phone calls from Ms Greville’s sister playing in sync with the video.

The court also heard that 19,671 messages had been exchanged between Giggs and Ms Greville, enough to fill 56 file folders.

The trial at Manchester Crown Court has been adjourned until Tuesday morning when the judge will complete her summary before the jury retires to consider their verdicts.


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