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Gurugram: The Ridge Valley School in Gurgaon has partnered with the Tanisa Foundation, the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Research Center and the Rotary Club of Cama Place to organize a free cancer awareness and screening camp for all students, staff and their parents. The special event, being held on school grounds, aims to raise awareness of cancer and the importance of early detection. Although cancer rates are rising worldwide, there has been widespread misinformation about this disease. Inaccurate and insufficient awareness often leads to inadequate screening modalities and delayed diagnosis. The cost of delaying in seeking help often becomes the deciding factor between successful and unsuccessful treatment. Due to limited access to healthcare facilities and widespread misinformation, the Indian population faces a variety of challenges.

dr Wattal, Chair and Executive Director of Education, Innovations and Training – DLF Schools, provided insight into the challenges and stated, “Cancer is a global disease that continues to plague our nation. Early detection is our greatest weapon in the fight against this deadly disease. To that end, it is vital that we provide accurate information to the public. Our country is made up of 29 states and 7 union territories with tremendous variation in population genetics, environmental conditions and lifestyle impacts. This has led to a heterogeneous distribution of the burden of disease. If we are to confront this disease head-on, we must do so with accurate information, appropriate screening modules, and a mindset that is not deterred by preconceived societal prejudices about this disease.”

The Tanisa Foundation has made a sustained effort to raise awareness by hosting several free screening camps and awareness workshops. The foundation maintains extensive collaborations with specialists from the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Research Center. Together they have worked diligently to bring cancer screening and screening to the public. This includes a clinical mouth examination at the ENT, a pap smear at the gynaecologist, a clinical breast examination at the gynecologist and mammography, blood pressure and sugar level tests by certified diagnostic laboratories. The Rotary Club of Cama Place sent a special mammography cart to conduct breast cancer screenings.

Meenakshi Dhingra, co-founder of the Tanisa Foundation, spoke about the need to raise awareness for cancer prevention: “We all know that cancer cases are increasing in India. Here, cancer screening is often not preferred because it is taboo in our society. Late detection is one of the reasons for the high mortality rate from this disease. The Tanisa Foundation works hard to fight this disease by organizing free screening and awareness camps at your doorstep to catch the disease as early as possible and remove the stigma and fear associated with it. Fighting this disease as a society is a good example of how we can come together as a society to fight this wickedness. ”

Nidhi Tewari, Principal of Ridge Valley School, added, “We are honored to partner with the Tanisa Foundation, the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Research Center and the Rotary Club of Cama Place to organize an event aimed at promoting diverse forms of Fight the cancers that plague our society today. An event of this magnitude requires equal participation from people and we are delighted that communities from all walks of life have come together to support this cause. As an educator, as I look at the bright kids at Ridge Valley School who are leading, volunteering and supporting this event, I feel so proud to know that our society is moving in the right direction. Our children are the flag bearers of our future. And as we empower and enlighten their thinking around stigmatized diseases like cancer, I’m confident we’ll move towards positively impacting societal perceptions as a whole. “


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