Result updates from day two of the first test in Brisbane


S.tokes, like I said no training, has been out a long time and he has to come in at 11-3. It’s exactly what you don’t need. New ball, melons on top of the game, confidence high. His lack of match practice revealed that he had just hit a ball, his chest in a bad position because you weren’t having match cricket.

Hameed and Jos Buttler played very well, full credit. Gutsy, determined, stayed inside. Buttler came and attacked. But there is nothing you can do when you have a good ball, and both of them have a good ball. Full credit to them. “They did well, but then it’s almost over.

The young priest hit beautifully, nice footwork, looked confident and relaxed, I thought – and I’ve thought for a long time – he can hit, he’s a good hitter. But then he hooked his fine leg’s throat. We all did it, it’s a big mistake, especially when you’re in trouble and in Australia the ball rushes on, it gets a little big sometimes, not smart, but we all made mistakes.

After that, the tail will never get you out of jail. Chris Woakes has scored a couple of runs, looks nice, we know he can hit a bit but England need him to take wickets. When he strikes, England is in such great trouble that he can no longer get us out.

Our bowlers are playing catch up cricket again. You will have to do exceptional work to keep the ashes alive. If England lose this friendly they will have to win two of the next four as Australia are the defending champions. Possible? Yes, but realistically very unlikely. England needs a great bowling performance, great catch and then exceptional batting in the second inning. We can only pray for this miracle.


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