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BENGALURU: Among the six megacities – Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai – Bengaluru has seen relatively better transparency in reporting Covid cases and the number of Covid deaths, a study shows. An analysis conducted by Jeevan Raksha found that the six megacities reported 36,688 Covid cases in July.

However, according to the General Insurance Council of India, 33,241 new health insurance claims for Covid treatment have been registered in these six megacities. This means that 91 percent of Covid-positive patients had group or individual health insurance for Covid in July (PM-JAY and other beneficiaries of the state systems are excluded). According to the IRDA report on state health insurance, only 2 percent of the Indian population is covered by group / individual health insurance (non-state schemes).

Ideally, the percentage of Covid insurance claims in megacities should be in the range of 10 to 20 percent according to the penetration of health insurance in India. A higher percentage of claims means that Covid cases and deaths are not adequately reported.

For example, Ahmedabad reported 283 Covid cases in July, but 5,009 new health insurance claims were registered for Covid, which is 18 times higher than reported Covid cases, with the percentage of insurance claims being 1,770 percent. Likewise, eight deaths were reported over the same period, while 81 deaths were recorded in July, an increase of 1,013 percent.

In Delhi, 2,077 cases were reported and 9,192 health insurance applications were filed in the same month, a figure of 443 percent. To date, 46 deaths have been reported and 149 applications have been made, with the death claim being 196 percent.

However, in Bengaluru, 13,780 cases were reported and 4,991 claims were made, with the percentage of insurance claims being 36. Reporting.

Sanjeev Mysore, convener of Jeevan Raksha, said: “Bengaluru Urban was relatively the most transparent mega-city in terms of disclosure of Covid data. It is the only mega-city that publishes a comprehensive daily bulletin independent of the state Covid bulletin and continues to share daily test data and other important data with the public. In July, Bengaluru Urban insurance claims for Covid deaths and the total number of Covid deaths are broadly equal to the percentage of the population covered by group or individual health insurance. This confirms that few Covid deaths have been reported in Bengaluru Urban.

He added, “When the third wave hits, the states and cities that reported correct data will have the least impact. On the flip side, those who are currently under reporting to appease the political establishment and win elections are unfortunately having to identify new and larger burial sites that we saw in some states during the second wave. “

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