Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute Conducts Gynecological Cancer Conclave; Experts emphasize the molecular profiling of tumors


The Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center (RGCIRC) Delhi, in collaboration with the British Association of Gynecological Pathologists, organized a conclave on “Diagnosis and Treatment of Gynecological Cancer – The Way Forward”.

As a training conference on gynecological oncopathology, the meeting brought together almost 200 oncologists from all parts of the country. In addition to experts from RGCIRC and Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai, the faculty had four experts from the United Kingdom belonging to renowned institutions, according to a press statement on Friday.

“The CME on gynecological cancers was planned as a crucial update for practicing pathologists and oncologists with a strong interest in gynecology. This also proved to be of great benefit to the young practicing pathologists, medical oncologists and surgeons planning to choose gyne-oncology in their future,” said Dr. Anila Sharma, Senior Consultant – Histopathology, RGCIRC and Organizing Secretary of CME on Gynae Oncopathology 2022.

According to the Cancer Institute, the focus of the CME was on the diagnostic approach, treatment modalities, and particularly the molecular insights into various gynecologic malignancies. In addition, the CME held sessions on diagnostic updates, WHO classification and case discussions addressing current issues in pathology, surgery, medicine and radiation oncology.

“Understanding the molecular classification of tumors is important for better patient outcomes. Depending on the molecular subtype of the tumor, each patient is treated differently,” added Dr. Sharma added.

Gynecologic cancer refers to any cancer that begins in a woman’s reproductive organs. Types of gynecologic cancer include cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal, and vulvar cancer. The risk of gynecological cancers increases with age. However, treatment is most effective when these cancers are caught early.


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