Professor George Paxinos is one of the Greeks’ pioneers in medicine and science


Professor George Paxinos of the University of New South Wales in Sydney was named among 63 Greeks who pioneered clinical medicine and biomedical research.

Professor Paxinos received the prestigious award as part of the “Initiative 1821-2021” operated by ARISTEiA (Institute for the Advancement of Research & Education in Arts, Sciences & Technology).

Professor Paxinos attended the award ceremony in Greece this week, along with renowned scientists Charalambos Moutsopoulos and Andreas Tzakis, who are also on the list.

During the ceremony, ARISTEiA’s Vice President Konstantinos Drosatos said that the Scientific Research Council’s selection of 63 Greek scientists is not based solely on bibliographical criteria.

Paxinos speaks at the event. Photo: /

“[The] The work was rated positively because of its originality, its leadership role in international scientific campaigns, its global impact on medicine and research, but also its timelessness, ”said Drosatos.

The list, narrowed down from 120 distinguished scientists, also included: Pfizer CEO Albert Bourlas, Executive Vice President of AstraZeneca, Menelas Pangalos, and the inventor of the Pap smear test, Georgios Papanikolaou.


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