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Customers benefit from extended service and future digital self-service

FINEOS Corporation (ASX:FCL), the market-leading provider of group and single core systems for life, casualty and health insurance, announced today partner life is the first life and health insurance company in New Zealand go live on the FINEOS platform. The FINEOS platform is a purpose-built end-to-end SaaS core platform for Life, Accident and Health insurers.

Partner life and FEINOS Partnership replaced the insurer’s existing system with FINEOS Claims, providing Partners Life with unprecedented operational and customer service benefits. The FINEOS platform includes a market-proven, pre-configured package of business and regulatory content for the region, known as FEINOS LISA (Life Insurance Solutions Australia). Internally, the company will see enhanced risk controls and claims management workflows covering life, TPD, trauma, income protection and medical products.

This launch marks the first stage of the company’s claims conversion journey, with medical claims being launched on the FINEOS platform later this year. It lays the foundation for the final phase in which Partners Life customers will have access to digital self-service and enhanced customer service.

“FINEOS has established itself as a strong partner within the New Zealand and the Australian life and health insurance industry that we needed,” he said Daniel Walker, Operations Manager at Partners Life. “Our customers who are already struggling with health conditions will have easier access to their services because of our digital transformation, and our staff will be able to spend more time helping them because of the benefits of automation from FINEOS.”

“Partners Life recognized the direction the voluntary benefits industry is taking and has gotten a head start by investing in the power of a cloud-based core solution,” he said Adam EdwardsProduct manager of FINEOS APAC.

“It’s exciting for FEINOS to deepen our involvement in the region, which dates back nearly 20 years and involves six of the region’s largest life insurers Australia. Partner Life brings FEINOS for the private life and health insurance sector in New Zealand,” he said FEINOS CEO Michael Kelly. “As Partners Life experiences the benefits of our partnership and the FINEOS platform, I am confident that further growth opportunities will follow.”

The FINEOS platform offers a comprehensive end-to-end SaaS core solution for the global life, accident and health markets. The key to the solution is the rich functionality underlying FINEOS AdminSuite, FINEOS Engage and FINEOS Insight, a common set of functions including workflow, rules engine, customer management, no-code/low-code configuration tools, a standardized API connection and the cloud environment powered by AWS.

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FEINOS is a leading provider of core systems for life, casualty and health insurers worldwide serving 7 of the top 10 health insurers in the US and 6 of the top 6 life insurers in the US Australia. With employees and offices around the world, FEINOS continues to grow rapidly and partner with innovative, progressive insurers North America, Europeand Asia Pacific.

That FINEOS platform is the only purpose-built end-to-end SaaS insurance solution for the Life, Accident and Health markets. That FINEOS Admin Suite offers industry-leading core administration capabilities, including absence management, billing, claims, payments, policy administration, provider management, and new business and underwriting; all configurable to work independently or as a suite. The one enabled for machine learning Engage FINEOS The solution creates robust, human-centric digital interaction paths and the FINEOS insight The solution provides predictive analytics and reporting across the enterprise.

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About Partner Life

Partners Life is proud to a New Zealand operated company. Like many Kiwi companies, they started out as a small start-up in 2011 with humble beginnings. Since then, they have grown into a recognized industry leader in life and health insurance. Their rapid rise to the top has only been made possible by the strong partnerships they have built over time with their clients and with independent financial advisors across the country. That’s why they’re called Partners Life.

Her focus is on protecting Kiwi families and businesses. People need insurance when their lives are negatively impacted by illness or death. This can be an incredibly stressful time for them and their families. By working with independent financial advisors, their clients can rest assured that they have insurance tailored to their needs. This gives them the best chance of getting their claims paid quickly and easily. Its insurance products include life insurance, income protection, health insurance, disability insurance, casualty insurance and business risk protection.

You are an industry leader trusted by Kiwis. Find out about the solvency and financial strength of partner life.

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