Pact cotton underwear is better than a commando

Blame it on my running hot or my mother’s tendency to command, but I’ve never loved underwear—and as far as I can remember, I’ve avoided wearing them altogether. While all my friends coveted lacy thongs from the likes of Hanky ​​Panky and Victoria’s Secret, I bared it all. Forgoing the extra layers down there that often left me sweaty and cramped just felt better, free, To the right. While I’ve been content with life without panty liners, wedgies, and extra washing, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the moments when, with hindsight, underwear was justified: That time, my dress flew over my head walking down a restaurant staircase; when I spent the worst part of a 90-degree day walking around NYC in some particularly unforgiving jeans; the surprise period in white pants situation. In those cases, I wondered if maybe I just hadn’t found the right pair of panties worth wearing, even if only occasionally. Enter: Pact.

I first heard about the fair trade, GOTS certified brand through my job as a daily produce hunter on the Most Wanted team. Pact tops not only a good shopping reputation for the company’s eco-friendly initiatives, but also by nurturing an impressive best-selling line of unassuming basics. Despite its stylistic simplicity Organic cotton underwear from Pact (available in sizes XS-2X) is an enduring crowd favorite with both internet reviewers and Refinery29 readers – with his Classic fit bikini In our roundup of the best cotton underwear for women, they rule the best-selling ranks and are piling up over 1,000 reviews who awarded it a 4.2 out of 5 stars. Highlights include praise from yeast-prone reviewers who swear by its breathability, appreciators of its overall comfort that doesn’t step into granny panty territory, and props from my panty-free enthusiasts who speak of it there is hardly any body awareness.

Knowing this, and needing to reassess my commitment to the commando lifestyle, I decided Pact’s $14 panties ($6 less than a pair of hanky pankys!) were the pair to try. I spent a week in the brand’s five most popular pairs, holding each to my preferred standard of being as good or better than wearing nothing at all. Monday was dedicated to the classic-fit bikini, then high-rise hipster Tuesday, Wednesday to boy shorts, followed by peak-waist Thursday and a Friday thong song.


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