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The disaster of the Afghanistan withdrawal has provided critics of President Biden with powerful ammunition. The chaos that has been wrought casts doubt on the Democrats’ ability to maintain political dominance in the 2022 and 2024 elections. I cannot attach positive meaning to this debacle in defense of the government other than that its actions were the tragic culmination of 20 years of mismanagement and incompetence caused by three previous presidents.

I wonder, however, how many of Biden’s fiercest critics have had concerns over the four years of misery, chaos, hatred, intolerance, misogyny, incompetence and division that made up the Trump presidency. Was there criticism from them when Trump:

  • Humiliated our country on the international stage in Helsinki, Finland, and took the floor of the thug Vladimir Putin on the conclusions of our intelligence services about Russia’s interference in the 2016 elections;
  • Shattered relationships with our traditional allies while we snuggled up to ruthless dictators like Kim Jong Un of North Korea and claimed the two men had “fallen in love”;
  • He calls for political enemies to be “locked up”;
  • State officials pressured to “find votes for him” to overturn the result of the safest and safest election in our history and threatened to hold any one of them criminally accountable if he did not join the program;
  • Instructing the Justice Department to label the November 3rd election fraudulent and “leave the rest to me”;
  • Though he held his own as the “little guy” advocate, he passed a tax reform bill that gave wealthy individuals like himself most of the benefits;
  • suggested that those who cooperate in investigations into the corruption of his government have committed high treason and deserve to be executed;
  • He selected corrupt and incompetent individuals to serve in high positions in his administration;
  • Inferred personal gain from his position as president;
  • Has acted under the dignity of the Presidency, calling ideological enemies “human scum”, “lowlifes”, “the enemies of the people”;
  • Encouraged his rally mobs to use violence against anti-Trump protesters;
  • Threats to take action against television stations who dared to report in a manner that was not favorable to him or to satirize him;
  • Ordered his lawyer to pay a woman he was having an extramarital sexual relationship with, then tried to slander her by calling her “horse face”;
  • Same for the two sides who attended the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia;
  • Indulgent or neglecting idiotic conspiracy theories, and served to embrace QAnon and Proud Boys;
  • Tried to shake the President of Ukraine for filth on his most feared political opponent;
  • Deliberately downplayed the seriousness of the coronavirus, constantly lied to us and, according to the former head of his coronavirus task force, contributed mightily to hundreds of thousands of senseless and unnecessary deaths;
  • Lied or twisted the facts tens of thousands of times in his four years as president;
  • Pardons criminals sent to jail, including Roger Stone and Michael Flynn;
  • Wanted to impose a religious test for admission to our country, with the exception of Muslims;
  • Defamed immigrants and conspiracy with advisor Stephen Miller to not only curb illegal immigration but stop the arrival of legal immigrants;
  • Incited for our modern day of shame on January 6th, the uprising that led thousands of mad Trump supporters to desecrate our beloved Capitol;
  • On the side of one of the rioters who was tragically killed, and not on the side of the police officers ravaged by his mob, and did not express the slightest regret or concern about the members of the police force in the days following the Riot died, and those who were beaten by the crowd and suffered permanent physical and mental injuries;
  • Lies continue to lie about the election result, which puts the country and our democracy in clear and present danger and opens the door to further attack on our government.

I can imagine that for Trump supporters all of his misdeeds and acts of hatred committed by their leader will be written off as fake news or irrelevant, because one does not dare to challenge the self-proclaimed “chosen one”.

Hypocrisy knows no bounds in this time of selective outrage and the wearing of blinkers.

Oren Spiegler is a resident of Peters Township.

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