Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Episode 6 – “Performance Review”



More fun and games from the critically acclaimed mystery comedy. Our trio will be tested to their emotional limits in another captivating part.

This recap of the Hulu series Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Episode 6 contains spoilers. You can read our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking on these words.

The podcast trio are interested in a murder case, but it’s their own personal lives that deliver the drama in episode six. Mabel must confront an untrustworthy person from her past, Oliver awaits his DNA test results, and Charles contemplates how he can actually break up with the woman who tried to kill him. As the amateur detectives battle their own demons, they also attempt to track down the killer in another frenetic episode.

Only Murders in the Building Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

“Performance Review” begins with rival podcaster Cinda Canning (Tina Fey) plotting and scheming. Her assistant, Poppy, managed to arrange an interview with Jimmy Russo. This shady person claims that Mabel chopped off his finger many years ago. Cinda plans to use this soundbite for a smear campaign, hoping to bring Mabel back into the fray as the number one suspect.

Mabel herself has reconciled with artist Alice and the two talk about Mabel’s past. Charles chats with Jan, who still believes the couple is a couple. He is afraid of the killers’ unwavering resolve, though she admits she has no one left in her life and he pities her. Oliver nervously awaits his DNA test results after last episode’s shocking twist. Oliver may not be Will’s father and he suspects that Teddy may be the real father.

Charles is back on the Brazzos set yelling for soup while the uncle/detective is confused by dementia. This allows for a brief cameo appearance from Lucy (whom we love!) and Charles’ own stunt double Sazz Pataki (Jane Lynch). Mabel and Oliver also crash on set to update the actor on their latest find. Oliver shows them the CCTV footage of the alleged killer stealing a matchbox from the diner. Mabel pulls out the evidence and notices a bloody fingerprint on the matchbook mentioned above. They alert Detective Williams to take the prints and she agrees to help via text message. Next, at Bunny’s old apartment, Detective Kreps requests immediate attention.

Over in old Arconia, Kreps beats up Mabel, Charles, and Oliver, along with Cinda and Poppy. Both podcast teams were invited to an interview. Kreps orders both of them to stop their private investigations. He’s frustrated by all the random clues and an emerging “parrot theory” (satirically The stairs without doubt). Before leaving, Kreps explains that Detective Williams is not with him as she is in Denver on maternity leave. Something doesn’t quite add up.

Oliver realizes it can’t be Williams sending them a message and they decide to use this information to their advantage. Charles steals an idea from his ’90s crime series and proposes planting fake evidence to lure the killer into a meeting. The actor adds that they will put a paint bomb in the evidence so they can track their target if they escape. Oliver swaps paint for glitter and a plan is hatched.

As the anxious trio await the arrival of their killer, they gradually drift away from their duties. Oliver discovers Charles’ dirty little secret and confronts his boyfriend about his visit with Jan. Charles admits he wants to break up with her, but doesn’t know how. Cinda’s podcast fails, and Jimmy explains that Mabel fried his finger, referring to Bloody Mabel as a bloody monster. It’s a funny remark, but Mabel is angry. As they talk, the killer rummages through the trash can in the background and detonates the glitter bomb. Yet another hilarious setup that capitalizes on the show’s talent for visual comedy. Mabel sees the killer escape in a black hoodie, but storms off in anger instead of chasing the criminal.

Poppy asks for a promotion, but Cinda rejects her proposal. Charles gets Sazz to break up with Jan on his behalf, and Mabel visits Alice only to find the artist recreating the crime scene. I told you there was a lot going on in episode six.

In the final moments, Poppy calls Mabel as she boards the subway. Poppy confirms that Cinda is a liar and that she has a lot of dirt on her. Mabel hangs up when she spots the glittery hooded killer just a few feet away. Oliver and Charles nervously await the DNA results, but Will sends him a video that immediately distracts him. In the video, it appears Mabel stabs the suspected killer before exiting the subway. Did she actually kill a stranger in broad daylight, or was she framed yet again?

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