Naomi Neo talks about her breastfeeding challenges and shares an “embarrassing” moment


Breastfeeding can be a wonderful experience for a new mother. After all, it’s one of the most intimate and natural of all human physical interactions. But it’s not often that women face all of their challenges.

From excruciating pain from cracked nipples, breasts dripping with milk, to babies struggling to hold on, there are plenty of real problems new mothers go through. But only a handful get in touch to share their experiences.

But local celebrity and young mom Naomi Neo broke that cycle and came out to share her breastfeeding struggles.

She recently spoke to her followers about her “embarrassing” breastfeeding story and it was as raw and real as it gets.

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Naomi, who gave birth to daughter Zyla Rey in January this year, recently took to Instagram to share her breastfeeding experience in a series of stories.

She said she had cracked, sore, and bleeding nipples for a good two months. Naomi added that when she squeezed milk she felt a sharp stabbing pain and never thought about it much because it “would come and go very quickly”.

Still travel stories

Screengrab: Instagram / @naomineo_

She then had mastitis, a breast infection that occurs due to an untreated duct of bacteria. At this point, Naomi also had a high fever, which initially gave her a little COVID scare.

Despite the pain, she pumped her milk through her two-day stay without realizing that something was wrong. Naomi wrote, “I thought she might have brought the wrong flange size for my pumps so I changed them three times.”

To address both of her problems, she decided to see a breast specialist.

Still travel stories

Still travel stories

Screengrab: Instagram / @naomineo_

The doctor diagnosed her not only with mastitis, but also with flare-up, a yeast infection. During the same time she was there, her daughter developed “a really bad diaper rash.”

She described the rashes as “blistering,” but it never occurred to her that it could be related.

She said it took two months to figure out the problem. “The crack in the nipples was not due to dryness. I tried moisturizing them with creams which probably made matters worse, ”said Naomi.

Her doctor suggested that her baby must have passed it on to her because she was holding her before she left. She then shared some helpful suggestions for new mothers:

  • Don’t ignore the pain if it doesn’t go away.

  • Seek professional treatment and advice early on

  • Long-term problems can result in serious long-term problems

  • Wasted money trying to buy things that didn’t work because they didn’t target the problem

  • Do not diagnose + treat yourself

How social pressures make breastfeeding worse

Still travel stories are beautiful. Not only are they personal, but there is always someone who benefits from shared experiences.

Therefore, Naomi often shared her breastfeeding experiences. As she said recently when she also read up on how society puts undue pressure on breastfeeding.

She began her contribution with the words: “Why are they so rich in veins?” “They look painful.” “You have done work.” “Your milk is too much / too little.” “Breast milk is much better than formula.” – Oh where do I start? ?.

She wrote, “This journey may be natural for some women and a lovely / intimate way to bond with your newborn … but for many others, including me, it can also be a frustrating / traumatizing / painful / stressful / tedious process , which is often made worse by social pressures. “

Here’s what she suggested to mothers about her contribution

  • It is really important to find out what your priorities are and what is most important not only to your baby but also to you. For me, I just want my kids to be safe and sound without having to lose my sanity – and that meant switching from locking to bottle pumping / feeding.

  • Fault? Anxiety? Regarding these two problems, she said, “Unless you become insane, you will need to trade breastfeeding for extra sleep so you can focus on your child throughout the day. What’s stopping you?

  • Yes, breastfeeding is important … but do you know which is more important? The SOURCE of the BM – YOU.

  • Your health is important, your happiness is important, you are important. So don’t let anyone tell you that you are selfish for wanting an extra hour of sleep.

Here is her Instagram post:

Naomi said she had: “Multiple infections, breakdowns, blood pumps with cracked / sore nipples, constantly changing sizes, sleepless nights, fluctuating supplies, spending hours walking through tons of articles with misdirected information, wasted money on tons of useless products and the literal Blood, sweat and tears … So I’m here to tell you – you do it, you choose what is best for you. “

If you are struggling with breastfeeding, know that you are not alone. Breastfeeding doesn’t define you as a mother. Yes, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends starting breastfeeding within the first hour of having your baby. It also states that a child should only be breastfed for the first six months of life.

But if for some reason you can’t breastfeed your child, don’t let that guilt overwhelm you. Remember that your child is as healthy as a normally breastfed baby and will reach their milestones on time.

As Naomi said, “Being a mother can be a challenging task in itself, and breastfeeding shouldn’t be a test of your worth as one.”


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