My Chemical Romance release new song “The Foundations of Decay”


Eight years after the release of their last song, emo rock darlings My Chemical Romance are back with new music with their single “The Foundations of Decay”.

A blast of vintage MCR, the six-minute track makes it clear that the band hasn’t lost their signature fire in their time apart.

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Produced by lead singer Gerard Way, lead guitarist Ray Toro and Doug McKean, The Foundations of Decay marks a fresh start for the band that broke up in 2013. The arrival of the song took The Black Parade fans by surprise as there were no teasers or clues before the release.

Regardless, this long-awaited comeback track reunited generations of emo fans for another round of headless screaming, jumping and harmonizing, showing why My Chemical Romance is as popular as it is and giving the band a fresh front to revolve around to reinvent.

The song opens with a clean guitar line backed by booming hiss and a relaxed drumbeat, creating a dark, brooding atmosphere. Between that ambience lie the verses, carried by Way’s distorted vocals, with lyrics of thoughtfulness about heritage and pent-up awe.

As the first chorus kicks in after the doom metal-esque meltdown, the song is a full blown headbanger with all the anthemic power of the band’s earlier albums. The track sways between electric-guitar-tinged rage-fests and eccentric storytelling moments before dissolving into a screaming free-for-all.

“Leave our bodies while our hearts remain. Let our blood in as I die of pain,” Way sings.

Lyrically, the song is a work of art. In each verse, Way reflects on the band’s formation, existence and hiatus, and questions their potential to go beyond their biggest hits. This is done against the thematic backdrop of decay, which acts as an ambiguity for certain contemporary events around the world.

The only disappointment, however, was the excessive use of distortion on the vocals. Not only did it manage to transport the eerie, captivating atmosphere the music had set to its full evocative potential, but it also made it difficult to understand the lyrics that are so important to the track.

My Chemical Romance has always been an influential band – even the most well-known emo group. And finally, after years of heartbreak for fans around the world, it’s time to dig out the all-black wardrobe, smudge the black eyeliner, and catch a glimpse of The Black Parade as it parades through town once more.

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