More than 650 women were screened for cervical cancer by Candor IVF on International Women’s Day


Surat (Gujarat) [India]09.03: In March, to commemorate International Women’s Day, over 650+ women from across the community underwent a Pap smear, or Pap screening test, administered by Surat-based Candor IVF Center, a leading center in IVF, to detect Cervical cancer was organized 8.

The Candor IVF Center took an initiative to inspire women on International Women’s Day and raise awareness of the serious complications many women across the country face due to cervical cancer.

According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), every 1 in 70 women in India suffers from a serious disease of cervical cancer. WHO has also launched a Cervical Cancer Elimination Initiative to mass screen every woman aged 35 and under.

The Papanicolaou test is a method of cervical screening to detect potentially precancerous and cancerous processes in the cervix or colon.

The Candor IVF center team has developed a process to welcome each participating woman and to recognize the importance of good reproductive health in her life. Also, with the help of the entire staff of tireless nurses and diligent doctors, a Pap smear test was successfully performed on around 650 women for their possibility of cervical cancer.

“Candor IVF Center is proud to have contributed to this effort by organizing a medical camp that every woman was invited to attend. The Candor IVF Center has always considered the reproductive health of every woman as an important factor affecting her life,” said Candor IVF spokesman.

“A woman’s health is her capital.” Therefore, we believe that by acknowledging her with important statistics and health suggestions, we can help as many women as possible to manage and improve their lifestyle to be even more dynamic inspiring for to become everyone,” he added.


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