Medical expenses remain a top priority for travel insurance buyers


The number has fallen slightly since November 2020, when 56 percent said general medical expenses were their primary concern, but it remains the key factor in purchasing travel insurance.

Other focal points when taking out travel insurance are travel cancellation protection (43 percent) and return home in an emergency (41 percent). Just over a third (35 percent) said medical care for Covid-19 is their top priority, showing that general medical issues are of greater concern for vacationers.

Take out more than a third of travel insurance when booking

A little more than a third of Britons take out travel insurance at the same time they book their vacation, down slightly from 42 percent in March 2021. Women are more likely to take out insurance at the same time they book their vacation, with 42 percent preferring to do so compared to 36 percent of men. Around a fifth (22 percent) book the insurance after booking their vacation and 17 percent before booking their trip.

Katie Crowe, Director of Communications at Battleface, commented, “In this environment, it’s no surprise that medical expenses are a top priority for the British when booking travel insurance, but slips, trips and falls are still major medical issues for travelers – not Covid -19 only. Battleface continues to cover both general and Covid-19-related medical expenses and gives our customers security when they travel abroad. Battleface also protects against general travel cancellations, which is also of great importance for vacationers. “

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