Marie Keating Foundation Mobile Clinic in Manorhamilton on Friday


Everyone is invited to visit the Marie Keating Foundation mobile clinic on Friday morning 4th November between 10am and 12pm in Manorhamilton Market Square. The Mobile Clinic offers valuable information on all aspects of cancer treatment/prevention etc. as well as all services for cancer patients. The Marie Keating Foundation Foundation explains that its mobile clinics “Staffed by a dedicated nurse, the mobile information units visit community groups, workplaces, organizations and public places to bring cancer information directly to the hearts of communities across the country.

“The mobile information units are equipped with information brochures and packs on the different types of cancer to take away. Marie Keating Foundation nurses can speak to people in a private area on board the unit about any concerns they may have about cancer, either for themselves or someone else, e.g. a family member or friend. The Foundation strives to ensure that the hard-to-reach groups are part of this nationwide service, and is making concerted efforts to reach out to people in socially disadvantaged areas and those in areas at high risk of cancer.
“Each mobile information unit has interactive displays such as the Smokerlyzer® test to measure the level of carbon monoxide in your lungs (for smokers), Fizz to Fat, which shows how sugary beverages can be converted into body fat, and Fat Chunk models, which Realistic appearance and feeling of fat in the body.

“The Marie Keating Foundation nurses also visit schools, colleges, workplaces and community centers to give lectures on cancer. These can be general presentations or tailored presentations for the audience. Topics will include – Your health: Your choices – How to reduce your risk of cancer through a healthy lifestyle; Men’s Health – an overview of common cancers in men and how men can reduce their risk of cancer or detect cancer early; Women’s Health – an overview of common cancers in women and how women can reduce their risk of cancer or detect cancer early; Breast cancer risk factors, reducing your risk, checking your breasts; Cervical Cancer – Reducing Your Risk, Swab Testing, HPV Vaccination and Signs and Symptoms of Cervical Cancer; Skin Cancer – how to be Sun Smart, how to identify skin cancer and monitor your moles and freckles; Survival – Life after cancer and adjusting to the new normal.



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