Lynsey Bennett credits her followers with gratitude and support for her positive mental attitude following the definitive diagnosis


Lynsey Bennett has built a community of support, love and authenticity with her 50,000 followers over the past few years. Millions of people have been moved by the resilience of the victim of the CervicalCheck scandal in the face of her cancer diagnosis.

Under the motto “Cancer with Gratitude,” Lynsey has been sharing updates with her community for a year and a half after doctors told her her cancer diagnosis was terminal and she had just months to live.

The mother-of-two has been working on her mental attitude over the past five years after being handed a book about gratitude in 2017 while recovering from her hysterectomy.

“My gratitude and what I do is where my mindset got really strong when I got a gratitude book five years ago when I had my hysterectomy,” she told RSVP Live.

I lay in a bed in my living room for six weeks reading this book that I was given and it just completely changed my mind and it helped me the whole way.”

Then where I had organized my funeral and just arranging travel and getting things done is what I do to just keep going. I remind myself that it’s not the only thing about me or my life. I think that’s where sometimes we get bogged down and only think about the negative things in our lives,” she said.

Lynsey Bennett is a mother of two and a cervical cancer activist

Lynsey’s social media presence has also helped her see so much positivity and kindness thanks to her communication with her followers.

“I’ve also started to realize that there is so much positivity when so many people text me that they’ve gone for a swab or that they’re feeling down and my story that they saw on Instagram made them laugh morning that they just don’t feel alone,” she shared.

Lynsey is constantly “blown away” by the amount of people texting her and the huge reactions her posts generate. She shared that she’s realized how important it is to have a community when dealing with an illness like this and to have a support group or discussion group to go to.

“There will always be extremely tough days, but you have to try to limit those days and try to make the most of the days that aren’t that tough.”

While very few people choose to publicly share their journey with the disease, Lynsey is inspired and supported by her community and currently has no desire to back down from sharing information and support online.

“I don’t think I’ve gotten to a stage where I want privacy because so many people get help from it,” she explained.

“I haven’t gotten to that stage yet and I hope I don’t, but I’ve learned that often there are people who will message me and say, ‘Can you work out a treatment plan for me,’ and I’m trying Remind people that I’m not a doctor and was only able to work out my plan because it was me and my body and I know how I’m feeling.”

“So I only ever let people know what I’ve been doing and I used to try desperately to reply to all messages, but I’ve found people respect it when I need a week or two off. “

“I just have to make time for myself when I need to and then come back when I need to and I think that’s helped keep it that way, I love doing it and I love helping people – and I regret it not that my story is public.”

Follow Lynsey’s journey on Instagram at @lynseybennettofficial

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