Kindra’s V Relief Serum provides instant relief from dryness, itching and hypersensitivity


You will find a variety of products to meet every skin care need you could possibly have when it comes to your face or body. Looking for a solution to dryness and irritation? Choose from serums and creams with hyaluronic acid, squalane, ceramides, allantoin and green tea extract (to name just a few ingredients). But if you’re experiencing similar symptoms of irritated and dry skin of the hypersensitive vagina, you’ll struggle to find a quality option that’s available without a prescription. Enter Kindra V Relief Serum.

What is it?

Kindra was founded to educate women about the vagina and normalize discussions around the vagina by introducing products developed in collaboration with OB/GYNs. V Relief Serum is specially formulated to treat common menopause symptoms from dryness and irritation to stinging, burning, itching and painful sex. But the gynecologically tested serum can also provide relief in the case of hypersensitivity – whether due to the menopause, side effects of medication or wearing polyester underwear too often.

What’s in the serum?

You’ll recognize many of the nourishing and hydrating ingredients in this lightweight serum, like shea butter, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, coconut oil, and vitamin E. But V Relief Serum also includes the brand’s SensV-3 complex, which is a synthetic peptide that helps reduce stinging , reduce burning and itching by mimicking peptides that the skin naturally produces.

V Relief Serum is not only gynecologically tested and OB/GYN development designed to be estrogen and progesterone free, but also hypoallergenic and fragrance free. Plus, Leaping Bunny’s non-greasy serum is certified cruelty-free, so you know that none of the ingredients the brand uses (or products it makes) have been tested on animals.

how to use it

While the brand also offers their Daily Vaginal Lotion for vaginal dryness, the V Relief Serum is your best bet if you’re feeling extra sensitive. After washing your hands, Kindra recommends applying one to three pumps of the serum, starting with the vulva (the outer vagina). If you suffer from internal dryness and discomfort, you can also apply the serum no more than 2.5 cm into the vaginal opening. The brand recommends using the serum daily (or nightly) for best results over time. However, because the formula is so gentle, you can reapply the serum as often as needed.

The V Relief Serum is suitable for people with moderate to severe dryness, tenderness, burning, itching or stinging in the vaginal or vulvar region, while the Daily Vaginal Lotion is suitable for people with mild to moderate vaginal dryness without hypersensitivity.

It works?

Although individual results may vary, this serum may be worth trying if you are looking to relieve itching, irritation, and pain in your vaginal or vulvar region. Not only have users left rave reviews about how quickly and effectively Kindra’s V Relief Serum works, but in an independent study of 27 women who used the serum for four weeks, 100% of participants reported an “improvement in… Severe vaginal discomfort or irritation. The study also found that 96% of participants said the serum “felt like a natural lubricant,” and 92% said the serum “provided long-lasting hydration.”

Glowing reviews from users:

It really works!! My dryness has definitely improved. Not only do I feel a soothing relief right from applying the serum, but also long lasting effects as I feel like I need to use it less over time, which is great.” – Tine

“Big difference! I am extremely sensitive to smells and I love how faint and light the smell is. It feels so much like my own natural lubrication. I am a cancer survivor and since chemo my vaginal dryness has gotten worse causing chafing and itching… I really enjoy adding the serum to my routine. I’ve noticed a huge difference since I started using it.” – Blu

Finally found relief! Vaginal itching was a really big problem for me. After applying the serum I can finally say that I no longer have any complaints at all. I don’t like using chemicals or drugs unless I’m forced to lol.. and I love how natural the ingredients are. The smell is mild and pleasant. I’m so glad I don’t have to be uncomfortable all the time anymore” – Debbie

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