It’s a blessing: woman with 2 uterus, 2 cervix speaks on trip with rare disease Kenya News


  • Elizabeth Amoaa, a reproductive health attorney, shared her life story about how she discovered she has two uteruses, two cervices, and two vaginas
  • Amoaa also announced that she was struggling with low self-esteem for thinking she was cursed before she found out about her condition in Germany
  • Since then she has accepted who she is and her condition and says she loves herself for who she is

A Ghanaian reproductive health attorney identified as Elizabeth Amoaa has opened up to find out that she has two uteruses, two cervices and two vaginas.

She discovered her condition in Germany. Photo: GTV / @ntvkenya (Twitter).
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According to her, she didn’t discover her rare condition until five years after the birth of her daughter.

She previously announced that she was struggling with self-esteem problems because she thought she was cursed.

How she found out

In 2015, amoaa uterus was diagnosed with Didelphys, or “double terus,” a condition that occurs during fetal development when the two tubes that normally make up a uterus instead become two separate structures, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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According to, a double uterus can have a cervix that opens into a vagina, or each separate uterine cavity can have an individual cervix and a single vagina so that a woman has two vaginas.

During an interview with GTV Breakfast on GBC, the beautiful woman spoke about her pregnancy journey.

She said her doctors thought she had an ectopic pregnancy because they examined the wrong uterus.

Doctors suggested that she terminate the pregnancy at some point, but she insisted and later gave birth to their daughter, Rashley.

“My daughter was born prematurely. A lot has happened in the 20-30 years of my life. At first I thought it was a curse, but now I sit here and I realize that it is more of a blessing than a curse, ”she said.

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Amoaa said her double womb caused painful problems throughout her pregnancy, but the discovery that she has two wombs gave her answers as to why her doctors couldn’t notice its existence.

Here is her interview video:

Amoaa’s rare condition

Amoaa was recently featured on Talk about her condition and what she went through before she was diagnosed.

When it was time for puberty, she shared that she had unexplained menstrual cramps and irregular menstrual cycles, which made her feel uncomfortable.

“My periods were always very heavy. I complained about stomach aches a lot, but when my mother took me to the hospital, the doctors kept giving me iron supplements and multivitamins and just saying I was anemic or had a yeast infection,” the 36-year-old said Year old.

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