I’m an expert and these bikini blunders from Love Island might give you a nasty infection down there


LOVE Island is in full swing.

Fans of the hit ITV show have already faced challenges and awkward moments.


Intimate health expert Stephanie Taylor said her swimwear flaws could cause problems down therePhoto credit: Getty

But for some people, just seeing gorgeous people in their bathing suits all day is enough to guarantee entertainment.

However, one expert has said that while lounging by the pool all day may be fun, there can also be downsides.

Intimate health expert Stephanie Taylor said her swimwear flaws could cause problems down there.

The founder of Kegel8 said that sitting in wet bathing suits for a long time is likely to upset the natural balance of bacteria in your vagina and lead to infection.

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“Moist, warm soil is a breeding ground for bacteria and can allow yeast and other bacteria to thrive.

“So instead of staying in it, you should remove your swimwear pretty soon after you exit the water.

“Not only does it cause problems with infections, but you can also get an uncomfortable, itchy rash known flatteringly as ‘jock itch.’

“Like bacterial infections, this rash thrives in moist environments and is caused by similar bacteria to athlete’s foot.”

If you’re going to be spending all day at the ocean or pool, Stephanie recommends packing two sets of swimwear: one for getting wet and one for relaxing that stays dry.

“Be sure to dry yourself properly and avoid wearing tight underwear or tights, which can irritate your skin.

“The risk of infection is exacerbated by thong bikinis as harmful bacteria (E-Coli) can spread from the anus into your vagina and cause further infection,” the guru warned.

Fashion is another important part of the show, and in previous seasons contestants have swapped swimwear.

But Stephanie says this is another no-go, as bikini bottoms in particular are a breeding ground for bacteria and the resulting infections are contagious.

“Even if the infection isn’t transmissible, the bacteria can still sit on the surface afterwards, which can put you at risk of a similar contraction, so it’s better not to take any chances.”

“Be extra pedantic about not sharing the wrong size bikinis, which is quite likely to happen if you’re borrowing from a friend – as it can irritate the skin and cause rashes around the private parts,” she said.

To avoid illness, Stephanie said, cleanliness is key.

Wash your items before wearing them and throw them in the machine after each use.

“Whether your swimwear is brand new or formerly loved, clothing can pick up fungus and bacteria from being handled by other people.

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“Alternatively, new clothes are often washed in harsh chemicals that irritate your private parts.

“Make sure you wash your swimsuit in warm water and a gentle detergent and rinse immediately – as a bonus, washing your swimsuits this way regularly will help maintain their color and shape,” added Stephanie.

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