I tried the Setting Spray Hack from TikTok: See the photos


  • Makeup artist Kevi Kodra popularized a new attitudes spray hack on TikTok.
  • The technique uses a setting spray and a dry beauty sponge to blend in your makeup.
  • An editor tested the hack – read on for the results.

TikTok has quickly become my favorite place to find new beauty products, fun fashion, and the best beauty hacks. I’ve tried everything from eyebrow hacks to hair detox and I learn something new every time I scroll in my FYP. I recently stumbled upon a set spray hack from make-up artist Kevi Kodra. Apparently I applied my fixing spray incorrectly. Kodra says that instead of spraying your setting spray directly on your skin, spray a beauty sponge first and then press your beauty sponge onto your face. The results are meant to melt your makeup for the ultimate dewy look. I’ve seen tons of different beauty influencers try it out so I knew I wanted to see if it worked for me.

To get the most accurate results possible, I decided to do a split-face experiment. I applied the setting spray to half of my face as usual (by direct spraying) and for the other half, I sprayed the setting spray onto a beauty sponge before applying it to my face. To test this hack, I just needed a makeup setting spray and a dry beauty sponge. Pro tip: It’s important to a. to use dry Beauty sponge instead of wet one – I made the mistake of trying this hack with a damp beauty blender first and not getting great results.

TikTok setting spray hack

When it came time to put this hack to the test, I first put makeup on my entire face except for mascara. Then I took my favorite long-wearing spray, the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray ($ 35), and sprayed it right on half of my face and neck. I’ve been using this setting spray for almost a year and my makeup always lasts all day without the need for touch-ups. I was curious to see if the method of application made any difference in terms of the shelf life of the product.

TikTok setting spray hack

Next, I grabbed a clean, dry beauty sponge and sprayed my fixing spray right on it until it soaked completely. Then I gently dabbed my face and neck and pressed the sponge into my skin. Immediately after applying it, I could see the difference between the two sides of my face. It was subtle, but the side with the beauty blender had more shine and my makeup looked more mixed and natural.

At the end of the day, both sides of my face looked about the same, and I don’t think one application method helped my makeup any longer than the other. Overall, I liked the beauty blender hack, but the biggest downside I found was that I had to spray it a few times to really saturate my beauty sponge. I usually only spray my face three times maximum, so I could run out of setting spray a lot quicker if I continued to use the beauty sponge technique.

I think I will keep the beauty sponge technique for larger events and special occasions and in the meantime continue to use my typical spray method. If you’re looking for a way to have your makeup hold on all day, either application technique will work. However, if you want a little more shine and a seamless blend, grab your beauty sponge and try this hack ASAP.

Image source: POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez

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