Here’s what the color of your vaginal discharge could mean


dr Nitika Kohli said that “the color of the discharge can still be an indication that something is wrong down there.”

Vaginal discharge, women's healthIt’s recommended that you see a doctor right away if your vaginal discharge smells or looks unusual (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

The fluid that comes out of the vagina vaginal fluid, is completely natural and is in fact known to keep the organ clean and infection-free. “Discharge helps your vaginal tissues stay healthy, provides lubrication, and keeps your vaginal tissues in place vagina clean,” added Ayurveda expert Dr. Added Nitika Kohli.

However, women can perceive different colors, textures and amounts depending on their age. menstrual cycle or an underlying health condition. So it’s normal to wonder if your discharge is normal or needs to be checked.

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Share the reasons behind the color of vaginal discharge, Dr Kohli said that “the color of the discharge can still be an indication that something is wrong down there.”

thick, white

According to the expert, thick and white discharge is normal. However, it could indicate a possible yeast infection if it is accompanied by itching, burning and irritation.


If you see yellow discharge, consult a professional as it is “abnormal” and is a sign of a bacterial infection.


If you have brown discharge, it can be caused by irregular menstrual cycles. “If you continue to have brown discharge, it could be a sign of uterine or cervical cancer,” she said.

Do you feel itching and burning along with vaginal discharge? (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)


Green vaginal discharge is not normal and “is a sign of a bacterial infection or Sexually Transmitted Disease“explained Dr. Kohli.

In addition, the Ayurveda expert added that the “symptoms of a yeast infection include a thick, white, cottage cheese-like discharge along with itching, rednessirritation and burning”.

It is recommended to see a doctor immediately if your vaginal discharge is abnormal Odor or looks.

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First publication on: 08/01/2022 at 11:30:50 am


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