Georgia, wife of David Tennant, shares her experience after being diagnosed with cancer


David Tennant’s wife Georgia previously shared her experience of having a cervical screening and later a colposcopy

David Tennant’s wife Georgia’s experiences with cancer in 2018

As we approach Cervical Screening Awareness Week, let’s take a look back at David Tennant’s wife Georgia’s 2018 cancer experience.

In 2020, the actress – who met her husband on the set of Doctor Who – opened up a few years earlier that she had to undergo cervical cancer screening and discovered she had cancer.

She shared a 2018 throwback snap of herself in a hospital gown, explaining how early testing saved her life.

“Here I am on February 22, 2018. While it is an adorable look indeed, if you want to learn more about why you should never miss a swab, please read the story in the bio,” she shared.

“#CervicalscreeningAwarenessweek #sleazy #cervicalcancer.”

Georgia previously shared her experience


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In 2020, she shared a throwback photo in a hospital gown



She also went into more detail about her journey on her blog, where she described how she felt during the colposcopy.

She wrote at the time: “So those of you who know me know I like to share, but those of you who don’t will know I like to keep things private.

“But I absolutely have to share this special private thing. A few weeks ago I got an abnormal swab. ‘Limit changes’ to be exact.

“Before I made it upstairs to tell my husband, I had already started planning my funeral. Having kids gets you into this place pretty quickly I think.”

She was booked for a colposcopy, which takes a closer look at a person’s cervix.

“They have everything but it was cancer,” she updated readers



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Georgia added, “He’s taking the biopsy. man, that hurts! But now I realize that I’m in a slightly different world. I can’t tell if it’s that or the sore cervix, but I start to cry. ‘It’s not cancer,’ he says. ‘But it’s not borderline either’ Ok, so it’s not cancer. That’s great! What everyone wants to hear, sure? So why am I crying?!”

“Clothed again, I sit in front of him. He tells me how terribly hard it is for a woman when something goes wrong in the area that makes her a woman. My results are finally coming through. I have a so-called CIN 2. “precancerous condition”.

“I had what is called a ‘cervical excision’. This involves removing part of the affected cervix, which should solve the problem in 97 percent of all cases. Fingers crossed I’m fixed. Sorted.”

David Tennant’s wife Georgia battles cancer



Two weeks later, the star returned to her blog to provide an update, explaining that she does indeed have cancer.

She wrote: “The nice doctor called yesterday. The results are in. it was cancer You have everything but it was cancer.

“My telltale little cervix had started an attempt to kill me and by an amazing stroke of luck I had stopped, punched, cut it out before it had a chance to make it out the starting gate.

“Cancer survived without ever realizing I had it. As you can see I’m still processing this, it’s quite a thing to clear your head.

Georgia shared her story in hopes of encouraging others to attend cervical exams and regular checkups.

Cervical Screening Awareness Week will take place between June 20th and 26th.

Cervical cancer is usually detected by a routine Pap smear. During this procedure, your doctor will take a sample of cells from your cervix to check for abnormalities.

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