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VIDA Wellness is able to fully cover some of its mental health services for some in the community. Licensed mental health advisor Sergio Arena offers a variety of therapies, including therapy for children.

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Victoria Young

CONCORD – With the recent grants, VIDA Wellness is able to provide free mental health services to many in the community.

VIDA has received grants from Mental Health America, Cabarrus Health Alliance (CHA), and the City of Concord. Part of this funding was provided through the American Rescue Plan 2021.

Co-founder Yuly Rodriguez said VIDA’s counseling staff saw an increased need for mental health services during the pandemic.

“We understand that because of the pandemic and even before it, there has always been a problem getting access to mental health services,” she said.

According to a CDC report released in June 2020, 31% of adult survey participants reported symptoms of anxiety or depression, 26% reported symptoms related to stress, and about 13% reported struggling with substance abuse. Overall, there was an increase in the number of adults who reported symptoms of anxiety, depression, or stress compared to reports from 2019.

When VIDA opened during the pandemic it offered a sliding scale for people to be able to afford mental health services, but Rodriguez said more people need services but cannot pay for them.

“The pandemic has really brought the bottom to the surface. Anxiety and depression are something that a lot of Americans suffer from,” she said. “But I think that losing their jobs at an alarming pace, the fear and concern for their well-being and safety made people realize that this is something they couldn’t ignore. But at the same time, people lost their jobs what “may mean their access to health care.”

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