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Cocoa bombs, the hottest food trend of the Christmas season, are associated with speed: in a matter of seconds, the chocolate ball turns a cup of hot milk into a cup of hot chocolate, complete with wobbling marshmallows.

But it’s the rate at which the sweet balls gained popularity that is perhaps even more important in a year that ended in Nearly 15 million people said they worked few or no hours due to business losses from the pandemic. With the fad taking flight before large corporations could cling to it, this has emerged as a way for one-person candy businesses to make extra cash.

In the Charleston area, for example, more than a dozen home pastry chefs have been promoting their cocoa bombs Facebook marketplace. Those interviewed for this story say they are trying to keep up with demand.

“I just started scrolling through TikTok,” said Myeshia Mcalister, a Ladson-based Medicaid coordinator who was selling chocolate-covered strawberries when the cocoa bomb fell. “I thought, ‘They look good.’ I ordered the materials and was thrilled – and so was everyone else. “

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Cocoa bombs typically sell for around $ 3 to $ 6 each. Although it’s relatively easy to make, at least for home bakers equipped with instant thermometers, Mcalister says fans are happy to pay someone to do the time-consuming task. In addition, many retailers have sold out the silicone molds they need, The Washington Post reported.

Although Mcalister stumbled upon cocoa bombs in September, the man who claims to have developed the format first shared it on TikTok last winter. Since then, Eric Torres GarciaThe video has been viewed 2.5 million times.

“It’s just fascinating,” said April Floyd, a cocoa bomb seller from Summerville the transformation of milk. “And when it’s cooler, of course, everyone wants cocoa.”

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According to Floyd, milk chocolate bombs have remained her best seller. But bombs are now available in all colors and flavors. Floyd’s range includes white chocolate bombs and sea salt caramel bombs.

Floyd thinks the bombs are “something great if everything else happens this year”.

Customers have told her that they send their candy to members of the military who cannot come home for Christmas and tuck them into the tip of the toes of stockings that grandparents don’t have on hand.

Still, she doesn’t think the demand will outlast the cold weather. She predicted the trend will end in February.

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