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Thirty years before he ran for mayor, Eric Adams was one of the leaders of a black police fraternity when several of its members were involved in a fraud scandal. When a young transport officer blew When she whistled for her colleagues, Adams cursed her as the “disgruntled lover” of one of the defendants and showed a photo of her in a bikini during a press conference, according to a new report from The City.

In 1991, Officer Lizette Lebron went to Internal Affairs to report that members of the Grand Guardian Council had received answers to some of the questions about an upcoming sergeant’s exam. Lebron said Lieutenant Michael Gordon was asked to create some of the questions for the test, and he ended up giving answers to Guardians members who were at his apartment to study. Lebron, who was there, declined the offer and later reported several officers to the department.

Adams, a transportation officer and first vice president of the Guardians, hit back at a press conference and painted Lebron as a forsaken lover who made accusations against Gordon out of malice. “This shows that this officer’s claims that Lieutenant Gordon tried to get in her pants were exactly the opposite. She chased the lieutenant and was a disgruntled lover, “Adams said at the time. He and other guards also showed a photo of Lebron in a bikini that Adams allegedly sent to “lure” Gordon.

Lebron, who has not spoken often about this time in her life, told The City that Adams’ attacks on her “took me to a dark place”.

Lebron sued Adams and other officials for defamation, saying in court records that the Press conference had “devastating effects on my personal and professional life”. In a 1997 affidavit, Lebron said that her career had virtually stalled and that she had lost her career opportunities in the department. “My lifelong dream of becoming a New York cop was shattered by the actions of the defendants,” she wrote. Lebron eventually withdrew the lawsuit and later left the force entirely, moving four hours away from town.

The officers who exposed her were convicted of criminal charges, according to The City.

Adams declined to answer questions from The City, saying only in one statement: “The way we treated Ms. Lebron during this process was wrong and I am sorry it happened. Over time, I have developed myself as a person, father and leader and I will continue to develop in order to improve myself and the city around me. “

“He should regret what he did,” Lebron told The City. “They should all regret what they did because I told the truth and what I said. The people went to jail. “

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