Doctor Makhomisane breaks down barriers to entry with screening tests


POLOKWANE – November is National Diabetes Month, a time when communities across the country come together to raise awareness of diabetes.

The general practitioner and diabetologist Dr. Explaining that this year’s focus will be on treating diabetes by building a health team, Mabowa Tshifhiwa Makhomisane explained that diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood sugar, also known as blood sugar, is too high.

“Given the importance of this month, I have decided to offer health screenings in my practice throughout the month. In addition to screening for diabetes, we have decided to include screening for high blood pressure and cancer in both males and females,” Makhomisane said.

He added that his practice has now launched a ‘Catch It Early, Save Your Life’ campaign aimed at reaching as many women and men as possible.

“Women over the age of 21 who are sexually active should have a pap smear at least every two years, which helps us catch cervical cancer early when surgery is still possible,” he said.

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He went on to explain that all women should do daily breast self-exams so that any lump that does appear can be removed early before the cancer spreads throughout the body, similarly men over 40 should do prostate cancer screening as it very common from this age.

“Given the prevalence of diabetes and high blood pressure at least once a year, this is because early detection really saves lives. We are fully aware that not everyone has access to this type of testing and we want to break down that barrier to entry. We have partners with a local laboratory Hamadi and Limpopo Oncology Clinic to offer the most affordable screening for the community. We can now offer a Pap smear, diabetes check, high blood pressure check, urine kidney test and breast exam to all women over the age of 21,” he said.

For men over 40 years of age, they offer a diabetes check, a urine kidney test and a high blood pressure check.

“These tests usually cost between R1700 and R2100. We are very pleased to be able to offer all this for R150 for everyone in November,” he said.

Specialist oncologist Dr. Tumelo Moyaba added that most cancers doctors see in her clinic could have been prevented if caught early.

“We are excited to partner with this initiative to prevent or reduce cancer in the community,” said Moyaba.

Makhomisane added that he is grateful to the partners who have joined this initiative to reduce the cost of screening, thus enabling him and his team to break the carrier and access quality healthcare.

Hamadi Laboratories is proud to extend its services to people who cannot afford these tests.

“This initiative will not only be good for the people, but also a blessing for us as we get the opportunity to give back to our community,” said Moses Mawasha, General Manager of Hamadi Laboratries.

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