Coronation Street fans ‘heartbroken’ over Alma Baldwin’s storyline


Coronation Street character Alma Baldwin tragically died in 2001.

The episodes, which show her terminal cancer diagnosis, are currently airing on ITV3 and fans continue to be heartbroken by her impending death.

Frank didn’t stand by Alma (Credit: ITV)

What happened to Alma on Coronation Street?

A missed swab and misdiagnosis led to Alma being diagnosed with cervical cancer in May 2001.

After several tests at the hospital, it turned out that the cancer was too advanced and incurable.

Alma was devastated but had to accept that she was going to die.

Actually, she should have moved to Much Wenlock with her new boyfriend Frank.

But when he found out about the cancer diagnosis, he ended things and told her he loved her too much to see her die. Alma told him that she understood and had actually decided not to move away from her friends and her doctor anyway.

In the end, Alma even comforted Frank, telling him she wanted him to remember her happily and not as a burden.

Still, fans were left furious at Frank for his heartless attitude when the scenes were broadcast on ITV3 this week.

“That Frank on Classic Corrie, he can’t see Alma die so he’s leaving her?!?! What a [Bleep]!!” one raged.

Another was very angry indeed: “I really hope so Franks [bleep] Cottage blows over in a freak storm and the [bleep] becomes trapped in the remains while wild beasts eat him and his cries go unheard.”

“I couldn’t resist stopping by just to share my hatred for Frank,” a third tweeted.

“Unfortunately, Frank, we all watch people get sick, even the ones we love. So selfish not to be there for her,” added another.

Alma Baldwin looks upset when told she is dying
Alma’s diagnosis was terminal (Source: ITV)

Heartbroken fans

Not only were fans upset by Frank’s behavior, but they also had issues with the story in general.

You are heartbroken at the crime scene.

Coronation Street Alma is upset when Audrey resolutely comforts her
Audrey was by her friend’s side the whole time (Source: ITV)

Did Alma die?

Best friend Audrey stayed Alma’s rock the whole time.

But Audrey fought.

Alma initially kept her diagnosis between herself and Audrey.

However, when Audrey Mike accidentally escaped, he tracked down Alma, where she was vacationing by the lakes.

He told her he never stopped loving her and would leave Mrs. Linda to spend Alma’s last days with her.

Alma eventually made Mike promise to return to Linda.

When they got home, Alma collapsed and was taken to the hospital. She discovered that her kidneys had failed and she didn’t have long to live.

She insisted that she didn’t want to die in the hospital and had to go home. Mike took her back to Audrey.

He stayed and nursed her alongside Ken. Audrey, who was in London on a break, returned just in time.

When Audrey arrived at Alma’s bedroom to say goodbye on June 15, 2001, Dr. Matt Alma’s pulse and revealed that she had died.

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