Compassion: The best medicine Gwen Riddick can offer as Eden’s newest OB-GYN | Messages


Take personal responsibility for your health

Riddick emphasizes “the importance of really taking responsibility for your own health and not really looking down on patients or making them feel bad about making life decisions,” she said.

Fear of being judged can be a major barrier for patients and deter them from coming for a doctor’s visit, Riddick said.

Her joy is the bond with patients

Creating a comfort zone in her office is the aspect of her practice that rewards Riddick the most, she said.

“I like building that relationship in the office in the patient’s room and allowing the patient to be vulnerable with me … very open and honest about what’s going on with them … what led them to their visit,” Riddick said.

“There is no judgement. I also remind my nurses, no judgement. If a patient wants an STD check and was only here a month ago, no assessment,” Riddick said. “We’ve all been there, made bad decisions, bad decisions, so that’s very important to me.”

She also wants to help beyond healthcare, Riddick said.

“I really enjoy educating my patients and telling them how I can help them, whether that’s by doing an STD screening, or by giving them encouragement or advice about their relationship, or talking to them about whether they can Wanting to go to college — talking about anything in her life,” Riddick said.


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