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In the ever-growing catalog of sitcoms about flawed millennial women Shrill, perhaps because of his penchant for low-key humor, has often flown under the radar.

Based on Lindy West’s memoir, Shrill is a show centered around a fat woman – Annie, played by Saturday night liveAidy Bryant – who is a lot of other things as well as being fat (funny, curious, occasionally selfish), even if the rest of the world often doesn’t see it. For example, in the first episode of this third series, a routine smear test ends with your gynecologist casually suggesting that gastric bypass surgery be considered.

ShrillThe biggest theme remains the glorious “Fat Babe Pool Party” scene from season one, a joyous on-screen celebration celebrating various fat women in bathing suits. This final series is unlikely to beat that in terms of landmark TV moments, but there is plenty to enjoy.

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Shrills Aidy Bryant: “Being called fat doesn’t invade me anymore – I’m not ashamed.”

At the end of the second series, Annie gave her dead boyfriend Ryan a slamdunk breakup speech. The third series starts two months later – Annie is flavor of the month in the magazine she works for and back in the dating market. But it’s not just about her anymore: best friend Fran, wonderfully played by Lolly Adefope, has rightly expanded her role as the series continued, and she is now in love with new friend Emily.

The script is sharp as never before – Fran’s encounter with a white client who wants dreadlocks is standout – and it’s all delivered by an amazingly talented cast with a glorious cul-de-sac (though Patti Harrison’s Ruthie continues to steal every scene).

There are louder shows about what it means to be a woman, however Shrilldespite its title, is characterized by calm self-confidence and subtlety.

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