“Are you looking for a holistic approach to cancer? Mexico has it”


“Are you looking for a holistic approach to cancer? Mexico has it”

Holistic medicine has been one of the sources of health and well-being throughout history; Not only is it part of body health, but it also helps expand and spread the knowledge that is passed down from generation to generation.
Although organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) have stated that holistic or alternative medicine is just a set of health practices that are part of the popular tradition of several countries, it is undeniable that they have had positive effects on patients who have sought one Alternative to traditional medicine.
This has sparked people’s interest in learning about these types of treatments; Luckily, there are quality, certified medical centers in Mexico that offer alternative medicine treatments.

Because of the complex US government restrictions on the healthcare sector, it is difficult to find medical centers that offer these services. For this reason, Mexico is a very attractive destination for tourists who want to receive treatments, especially for cancer, since these conditions cause side effects in patients suffering from this terrible disease. The body suffers various types of damage when subjected to chemical treatments and although the results can sometimes be favorable and patients are sometimes able to eliminate their condition, the damage and damage they suffer after treatment makes them become victims of this chemical process. These procedures render them unable to lead a good life.
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The Immunotherapy Center is located in Mexico, more precisely in the city of Tijuana. There are specialized treatments in alternative and holistic medicine that offer patients the opportunity to face cancer, which initially discourages and demoralizes patients.

Specialized treatments mean that the process is structured, not by medical processes but by the needs each patient has; the therapy is coherently based on adapting the treatments to the stages or phases that the patient needs. That is why patients who have been treated in ITC facilities are so satisfied that they can directly experience the care provided by the same doctors.
This care is essential and part of the alternative and holistic medical treatment that ITC offers. From the moment the patient enters the ITC facilities, the doctors and all the staff responsible for the patient’s health get to work. They create a feeling of well-being in patients from the first moment, which is very important to improve their mood so that they can recover. A few moments later, specialist doctors will be in charge of analyzing everything about the patient and his condition.
Among the many diseases that ITC treats, there are several cancers such as gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer, vulvar cancer, spinal cancer, etc. Infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, degenerative chronic diseases and other diseases are also treated by ITC specialists.
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Mexico has positioned itself globally as one of the top medical tourism destinations in the world for several reasons. One of them, in addition to the quality of the doctors, is the cost compared to the cost in the United States. This is very attractive for tourists seeking medical treatment, but especially for those who have tried traditional chemical-based therapies and have not been able to fully heal and are out of money. Immunity Therapy Center has several payment plans that are very affordable and take into account each patient’s situation.

Another thing that makes ITC very attractive is its geographic location. ITC is located in the city of Tijuana, just minutes from the San Ysidro port of entry. In addition, once patients from the United States make an appointment, a personal taxi will be waiting at the border crossing if it is a pedestrian crossing, or at the airport if it is a long-distance journey. This private taxi will take you to the ITC facilities and will also take you back to the airport or the pedestrian border crossing.
The Immunity Therapy Center offers various functions in addition to therapies so that patients can feel comfortable and safe once they have decided to undergo treatment with alternative medicine. The ITC is a verified center for cancer treatment, but its range of therapies is wide and accessible to everyone.
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Types of Alternative Cancer Treatments
More than 21 alternative therapies and natural cancer treatments are combined with traditional treatments. Some of the options are:

• Enzyme therapy
• Vitamin and mineral therapies
• Oxygen Therapy
• biomagnetic therapy
• Laser therapy
• HALO therapy
• Hyperthermia

It is important to note that most stays last six weeks, but depending on the patient and the course of the disease, this period may be longer or shorter. Instructions are given so that the patient can continue their treatment at home after leaving the center.

This type of treatment is unique due to the use of alternative therapies and is therefore not covered by health insurance, leaving each patient to pay for their own expenses. Patients can contact the center for help finding the best payment option.

Most patients come to the center with a loved one so they have the support and company of someone they trust, which is crucial when treating an illness.

To learn more about the center and its therapies, visit the link below. This could be the life opportunity you have been looking for.

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Alternative Cancer Treatment in Mexico | testimonials from survivors

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The Immunity Therapy Center focuses on the physical, mental, and spiritual health of its patients
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