AdinaHealth® Announces Dennis Reaves as Senior Director of Software Engineering


“We are excited to have Dennis at the forefront of leading the research and development of our industry-recognized premium SaaS billing platform,” said Bull. “As a technology leader and innovator for over 35 years, Dennis brings his impressive talents to drive process efficiency and… -Measure and improve effectiveness and introduce new customer-centric features to take our technology to the next level.”

Reaves brings a diverse career in developing innovative technology solutions. Most recently, he was responsible for developing innovative wellness tools to support the treatment of substance abuse in opioid addiction. Reaves also led a business unit that provided innovative labeling software to eight of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies. Outside the healthcare sector, he co-founded Storm Exchange, the first financial company to offer weather derivatives to the financial markets, mitigating weather risk across all industries, led a team developing micropayment solutions for small online purchases, and led the technology team building the platform for built up the operations of a global logistics outsourcing company with a focus on large chemical companies.

“My extensive hands-on experience in healthcare, financial markets and payments prepared me for this role at AdinaHealth,” said Dennis. “The world of benefit expense management is becoming more data-driven and I look forward to advancing AdinaHealth’s industry-leading premium billing and reconciliation platform. Our customers need an effective way to manage their large and diverse performance data in a single, easy-to-navigate solution. My accumulated experiences are perfectly in line with AdinaHealth’s forward-thinking approach.”

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