ACT invests Rs 3.2 Cr to promote accessible and affordable cancer care in India


ACT For Health aims to improve access to quality and affordable healthcare by supporting digital/medtech/deeptech innovation

ACT, a non-profit venture philanthropy platform, recently onboarded Periwinkle Technologies, Niramai Health Analytix and Navya Care to improve access to affordable, quality cancer care in India.

ACT For Health will provide catalytic grants, accelerate the scale of solutions by providing key network interventions, and enable broad ecosystem adoption.

Early detection of breast cancer is key to improving patient survival, but 60% of breast cancer patients in India are diagnosed at advanced stages (stages III and IV). Niramai’s low-cost, non-invasive, wearable, and radiation-free artificial intelligence (AI)-based engine detects thermal signatures for abnormalities and aims to accelerate the detection and treatment of early-stage cancer.

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women in India; 18.3% of new cases. The pap smear test, while effective, is time-consuming and expensive; especially for women in rural India. Periwinkle’s Smart Scope CX is a wearable device that enables healthcare workers to detect cervical cancer at an early stage, reducing the high mortality associated with late diagnosis.

The delivery of cancer care that meets standard clinical guidelines is often hampered by the country’s shortage of oncologists. Navya Care’s AI-based Earthshot Engine is a simple digital user interface that non-clinical staff can use to enter patient data. This data is then mapped to NCG (National Cancer Grid) and NCCN (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) guidelines to establish compliant treatment protocols.


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