A Complete History of Goop That’s Terrible


“Lowest Liveable Weight”

(Samuel Ramos/Unsplash)

Goop came under just some undeserved fire in 2019, when one of her “experts” advised readers to aim for their “lowest livable weight.” That sounds like “the thinnest thing you can be without literally dying,” though the item It’s mostly about the concept of “set ranges” that each body is trying to stay in and why diets don’t work, which is okay. Great even. But they define “lowest livable weight” as the “lower end of your set range” that’s supposedly achievable if you’re not over-dieting, over-eating, or exercising, without explaining why that wouldn’t get you right in the middle of why you even want to be on the bottom end except to fit in their heaving button-downs.

Elise Löhne

In 2020, Goop’s CCO, Elise Loehnen, reportedly quit to write a book, but two years later she revealed it was her felt the need to resign from all the constant cleansing and detoxing and generally disordered eating encouraged by Goop’s “toxic” culture. Then she started selling other people’s cleanings, and anonymous sources claimed Loehnen was a “toxic manager” who was almost asked to leave, but really, when it comes to Goop, don’t ask who the toxins are for … do whatever toxins do.


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